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New Year & New Website!

6 Jan 2020
Hello to every outdoor enthusiast! Welcome on Freetime new website!

The goal of this website is to present our brand and our products, the whole collection we develop for each next season. Most of the products you will see here are not yet on the shelves of shops nor on sale on Internet. They will be available starting in Spring 2020!

You may ask yourself: Why a website that doesn't sell anything?
Well, we are not a band of cuckoos spending time and working hours just for the fun. The idea behind this website is to promote our brand, to present our products and to explain our philosophy in the hope of finding new distributors. So if you are an outdoor gear distributor and if you like what you see in those pages, don't hesitate and contact us!

If you are an outdoor sport lover, if your holidays have to be spent surrounded by Nature's wonders, and if you are in search of quality equipment for reasonable price, then you will certainly be interested in our brand.

If you are located in France, you can find our products (previous seasons) on our webshop*, in Chullanka shops and several mountain station retailers.
*and we also ship to Belgium!

If you are located in Russia, ТРИАЛ-СПОРТp is our distributor for 15 years now. A strong partnership we are thankful to see persisting year after year.

If you are in Germany, you can find our products in McTrek shops and webshop.

If you are on Madagascar island, Didier and Claudine at CS Events Madagascar will be happy to show you our products!

And if you can't find our products where you are, please contact us and we will try to find a solution. And maybe we can find a distributor in your country.