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Freetime 2025 collection is online

27 May 2024
Hello to every outdoor enthusiast! Welcome to discover our Freetime 2025 collection!

You can come and visit us during Outdoor by ISPO 2024 in Munich from June 3 to 5.
We will be in Hall A3/502

The goal of this website is to present our brand and our products, the whole collection we develop for each next season. Most of the products you will see here are not yet on the shelves of shops nor on sale on Internet. They will be available starting in Spring 2025!

You may ask yourself: Why a website that doesn't sell anything?
Well, we are not a band of cuckoos spending time and working hours just for the fun. The idea behind this website is to promote our brand, to present our products and to explain our philosophy in the hope of finding new distributors. So if you are an outdoor gear distributor and if you like what you see in those pages, don't hesitate and contact us!

If you are an outdoor sport lover, if your holidays have to be spent surrounded by Nature's wonders, and if you are in search of quality equipment for reasonable price, then you will certainly be interested in our brand.

If you are located in France, you can find our products (previous seasons) on our webshop*, in Chullanka shops and several mountain station retailers.
*and we also ship to Belgium and to most countries in Europe!

And if you can't find our products where you are, please contact us and we will try to find a solution. And maybe we can find a distributor in your country.

Freetime 2024 - PFC-free & recycled material

25 May 2023
A new step in the reduction of our environmental impact

For over 10 years, the outdoor equipment industry has been transitioning to more environmentally friendly production practices.

At Freetime, we have decided to follow several paths to achieve this goal:

Managing production quantities

Since its acquisition byt he family-owned company F.G.M. International, managing the quantities of Freetime items produced each year has been a key focus for us. Finding the right balance to produce only what we are confident of selling. Producing the right quantity, to avoid overstocking and waste.

Using less-polluting products

For the sake of both nature and the health of the workers who make our products, we are committed to respecting the European directives concerning the components used in the dyeing of fabrics, in particular azoic dyes.

We have also made our transition to PFC/PFAS-free from 2020, like some of the major brands, for all our sleeping bags and hiking bags. PFCs used in hydrophobic treatments are not harmful to the user of the items, but they accumulate in the environment, as they do not degrade or degrade very slowly. In the long term, these products end up entering our food chain, and this is where there are risks to our health. We now use a hydrophobic treatment without PFCs.

The use of recycled materials

In addition, we will continue our evolution by using recycled materials whenever possible without deviating from our goal: that our Freetime products open the doors to the outdoors to everyone, at the best value for money.

From 2024 onwards,  the 600D polyester used to make part of our hiking backpacks is recycled fabrics. For sleeping bags, depending on the range, we have either the filling or part of the fabric made from recycled materials. The aim is to get as close as possible to 100% recycled material in the years to come.

The use of renewable energy

Our efforts are not only focused on our articles, but also on the functioning of our company. In particular, we have set up a partnership to cover the 4500 mē of our warehouse roof with solar panels; a project that we hope to finalise during 2025.

Freetime is a family company with a human dimension. Every member of our team is committed to reducing our impact on the planet, because we want future generations to be able to explore nature as happily as we have the chance to do.