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Spring/Summer 2020 collection
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Active 12

Perfect size for a half-day outing, Freetime Active 12 is light, versatile and very comfortable.

Active 28

Freetime Active 28 is a versatile one-day trip backpack especially designed for intense activities and/or hot weather conditions.


The lightest of Freetime backpacks with only 720 grams for a 25 liter-capacity

Peak 32

When it comes to combining lightweight and versatility, Freetime Peak 32 is what you need.

Nistos 14

Perfect size for a short excursion, Freetime Nistos 14 will carry all you need with maximum comfort.

Nistos 28

Its size is ideal for a half-day hike even in hot condition.

Nistos 38

Perfect size for a 1-day trek or to carry your sports material, Nistos 38 is packed with useful features.

Nistos 48

Great size for a 1 to 2-days expedition or to take your sports gear to the training, Nistos 48 is packed with useful options.

City G

Light and simple, with a comfortable back panel and trendy colors, City G is an easy choice to go downtown.

Urban 18

Light and comfortable, Urban 18 is a great accessory whether you go to work, to the university or on a business trip.

Urban 25

Light and comfortable, Urban 25 was designed to follow you every day, to your office or your school, on a trip or just for a walk in the city.

Urban Cabin

Urban Cabin is the perfect carry-on luggage that combines all the advantages of a suitcase with the lightweight and practicality of a backpack.

Urban Duffle

When you want to go to the gym without giving up your style, Urban Duffle is there for you.

Urban Duffle 65

Urban Duffle 65 is a lightweight versatile bag whether you go to the gym or on a trip.

Duffle Bag 65

Robust and versatile, made of strong materials, the Freetime Duffle bag is a classic.

Duffle Bag 90

Sturdy and polyvalent, made of robust materials, the Freetime Duffle bag is a classic.

Duffle Bag Wheeled

Robust and useful, made of ultra resistant materials, this Freetime bag gathers the basics of a large duffle put on wheels.